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Mediation Rates


One Half day:                     $600.00

Full Day:                              $1,100.00



Available for cases with two parties and less than $100,000.00 at issue.  Briefing is limited to 10 pages per party and proof of injury by medical summaries rather than records.

Rate:               $175.00 per hour per party.

There are no refunds on cancellation of Express Mediations.

Charges above are for mediation only.  Preparation time and travel time are included for cases in Kitsap and Pierce County.  Travel to other areas will be negotiated at the time of booking.

Fees are to be paid one week in advance of the scheduled mediation.  The minimum time charged is the time reserved on the mediator’s calendar.

Cancellations or postponements must be made within 10 business days of a scheduled hearing.  A cancellation or postponement fee may be assessed for late cancellation or postponement.  Any notices must be in writing or by E-mail before five p.m. on the 10th business day before the scheduled mediation.  Settlements prior to the 10th business day before a scheduled mediation, which is communicated to the mediator in writing, will not result in a cancellation fee.